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About MedPolice
MedPolice was conceived of during the height of the Coronavirus event in the Spring of 2020. Although we had seen a steady stream of privacy violations by Big Tech and the Govt. over the preceding period oif time, it appeared that the powers-to-be kicked all of their efforts into high gear when this man-made virus hit the planet.

There were so many simultaneous attacks on our freedoms at this time that it reminded us of the Tet Offensve in 1968 when the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong attacked all of the American forces at the same time in an effort to defeat them quickly. Like our soldiers were able to thwart the enemy's attacks in 1968, we too, need to defend ourselves from this modern day Tet style offensive by the Deep State and other strange bedfellows to steal our rights and enslave mankind on a variety of fronts.

This website will gather and publish as much informaion as possible in order to take the offensive in this most important battle.

The image above is representative of how our rights have been seriously eroded over the past few years.
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About MedPolice
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